Protective Clothing

C-UTS has a professional constant temperature and humidity laboratory and a microbiology laboratory for testing instruments equipped with medical protective products. It can provide various types of medical and civilian masks and protective clothing quality testing to effectively protect your product quality and consumer's qualityand personal safety.

The standards for protective clothing products include:

GB 19082-2009 Technical requirements for single-use protective clothing for medical use

GB/T 20097-2006 Protective clothing - General requirements

FZ/T 64054-2015: Woven fabrics for operation

YY/T 0506.2-2016 Surgical drapes, gowns and clean air suits for patients, clinical staff and equipment. Part 2: Performance requirements and test methods

GB/T 38014-2019 Textiles-Protective nonwoven fabrics for surgical use

Product testing types:

Disposable medical protective clothing

Isolation clothes

Surgical gown

Medical nonwoven fabric

Test items include:

Appearance, impermeability, elongation at break, breaking strength, marks, instructions for use, surface moisture resistance, moisture permeability, flame retardancy, anti synthetic blood penetration, ethylene oxide residue, microbial index, filtration efficiency, antistatic attenuation, structure, size and specification.